Administrative Improvements and Cost Savings

  • UC Irvine recognized for best workers' comp rate in the UC system in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and has saved $23.5 million on since 2004 on workers' compensation, compared to the UC average.
  • UC Irvine's automated student billing system consolidates tuition, fees, housing charges, financial aid credits, and miscellaneous charges onto one bill. More than 70% of students use the electronic payment service.
  • UC Irvine is eliminating the manual input of 80,000 payroll entries annually with its online Time Reporting System. UCLA is partnering with UC Irvine to make the new system available to UC Office of the President and other UC campuses.
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Sustainability, Recycling and Reusing

  • UC Irvine diverts 75% of its solid waste from the landfill through recycling, composting, and re-use programs.
  • In 2010, the campus sent slightly more than 2,501 tons of waste to the landfill, the lowest amount in the history of the Solid Waste and Recycling Program.
  • The campus recycles 100% of its green waste, more than 2,000 tons annually.
  • In 2010, UC Irvine was named a “Tree Campus USA” by the Arbor Day Foundation for its good stewardship of trees.
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Energy Efficiency

  • UC Irvine actively participates in the UC/CSU/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership Program, a unique statewide energy efficiency program that realizes immediate savings and provides a permanent framework for sustainable, long-term energy management. In 2010, UC Irvine achieved more electrical savings from energy efficiency projects supported by the Partnership than any other UC campus.
  • Among the eight UC campuses that have struggled with utilities deficits since 2003-04, UC Irvine is the only one that managed to address its budget shortfall without resorting to a subsidy from the campus or a utility tax on space.
  • The Student Center rooftops are home to an 85 kw solar system, which have avoided 299,500 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions so far.
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  • UC Irvine’s Sustainable Transportation Program received the 2010 Best Workplaces for Commuters designation from the National Center for Transit Research / US EPA.
  • The Anteater Express bus system reduces congestion as it carries over 1.8 million passengers each year.
  • UC Irvine has one of the highest average vehicle ridership (1.87 per vehicle) among similarly sized employers in the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
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Green buildings & efficient construction

  • UC Irvine has optimized the application of design-build contracting, employing this streamlined process for more than $2 billion in projects that were completed with essentially zero budget problems, delays, or litigation.
  • Eight UC Irvine buildings bear the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold rating for new construction, the highest number at any U.S. university.
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Information Technology

  • UC Irvine decreased the processing time to issue a duplicate 1099 tax form from four days to one day by adding the tax information to the Mobius online electronic document library.
  • UC Irvine developed an online disability packet to achieve a paperless model. The process provides customers with immediate access to information and eliminates the previous five-day processing time.
  • In collaboration with Liberty Mutual, UC Irvine developed a means for filing disability claims online. The claims initiation process is now completed within three days, a 43% improvement.
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