Volleyball courts at Arroyo Vista
Exterior view of Arroyo Vista
Middle Earth
Mesa Court
Another exterior view of Mesa Court
Interior view of Verano Place
Exterior view of Verano Place
Courtyard in Verano Place
Child care
Palo Verde

Aldrich Park
Another view of Aldrich Park
University Center
Another view of University Center
Rose Garden
Phoenix Grille
Barclay Theatre
Laguna Beach
Beach volleyball at Laguna Beach
Shopping in Laguna Beach
View from Corona del Mar
Beach at Corona del Mar

Social Sciences
Social Ecology
Graduate School of Management
Biological Sciences
Reines Building
Rowland Laboratory
School of Medicine
Another view of School of Medicine
Beckman Center
Reference desk in the Main Library
Science Library

Job Market
University Research Park
Alumni House
University Extension

UCI Communications Office
University of California, Irvine
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