UCI Forward

UCI Forward is our commitment to the well-being of our community as we ramp up campus operations. Working together, each of us doing our part, we can move UCI Forward.

Podcasts and videos



UCI Minute: January 10, 2023 | Community Update on the Bivalent Booster for Children - UC Irvine

UCI Minute: January 3, 2023 | Community Update on the COVID-19 Bivalent Booster Requirement

UCI COVID Minute: May 27, 2022 - UC Irvine

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ZotTube - Where to Vote on Campus this Year

ZotTube - Vice Chancellor Willie Banks on Slowing the Coronavirus

ZotTube - Virtual Campus Tour

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Anteater Insider Live: Episode 4 | Pandemic Cyber Security

Anteater Insider Live: Episode 3 | UCI's COVID-19 Case Reporting Process and Contact Tracing Plan

Anteater Insider Live: Episode 2 | The Health of Indoor Air

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UCI Forum Series

UCI Forum Series | Students Return to Campus Fall 2020

UCI Forum Series | K-12 Education & COVID-19

UCI Forum Series | COVID-19: Where Are We and What to Expect Next - Business

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Fireside Chats with UCI Leaders

Fireside Chat on Employee Experience ft. Ramona Agrela and Kathy Hills - UC Irvine

Fireside Chat on Student Affairs ft. Willie Banks Jr. and Rameen Talesh - UC Irvine

Fireside Chat on Teaching and Learning ft. Michael Dennin and Ryan Foland - UC Irvine

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Community Videos

COVID-19: A Review for the General Public

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UCI Podcast

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Anteater Insider

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