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June 30 - Minimum wage side effects; testing after travel

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Anteater Time Machine: In 1981, before the advent of Xbox and UCI’s Esports Arena, there was … pinball in the University Center game room.

Anteater Time Machine: In 1981, before the advent of Xbox and UCI’s Esports Arena, there was ... pinball in the University Center game room.


Minimum wage hikes kill restaurant jobs, UCI study says

A $1 increase in California’s minimum wage would erase 22,000 restaurant industry jobs in the short term, and about 63,000 jobs after four years, according to a UCI study that challenges the methodology used in a 2010 analysis that found no negative effects from raising the minimum wage. UCI economist David Neumark said the 2010 study “has been used by advocates to argue that higher minimum wages don’t cost jobs; our work undermines this study and argument.”

Reminder: If you travel, test for COVID after you return

Reminder: If you travel, test for COVID after you return

If you’re headed out of town or attending any social gatherings over the holiday weekend, it’s a good idea to get tested for COVID-19 before and after your trip or festivities. Appointments and walk-in testing for faculty, staff and students are available free at the Student Center from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Free home antigen test kits are also available at the Student Center test site.


When COVID reinfects again and again

Experts say repeat infections are getting more likely as the pandemic drags on and the virus evolves. “Until recently, it was almost unheard of, but now it’s becoming more commonplace” to have COVID-19 two, three or even four times, one said. In general, breakthrough infections after vaccination tend to be milder.

UC Health joins national pledge to decarbonize

Although the University of California has already committed to carbon neutrality by 2025, UC’s health system will take additional action under this national pledge to assess supply chain emissions and develop climate resilience plans. In recent years, UC Health has increased the purchase and production of clean energy, eliminated or significantly reduced the use of desflurane – an anesthetic gas with the highest global warming potential – at most locations, improved operating room energy efficiency, and decreased biohazard waste.


UC Irvine Night at Angel Stadium is Saturday, Aug. 13. Tickets start at $25 each and include a co-branded Angels/UCI baseball cap.

UC Irvine Night at Angel Stadium is Saturday, Aug. 13. Tickets start at $25 each and include a co-branded Angels/UCI baseball cap. Visit https://app.ucirvinesports.com/uciAngels for information and tickets.

Visit today.uci.edu to see and submit event listings. Events of general interest will be shared in UCI Digest two days before they occur.


Note: Some news sites require subscriptions to read articles. The UCI Libraries offer free subscriptions to The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, The Orange County Register and The Washington Post for students, faculty and staff.

Persevering through pandemic hardships, two members of the class of 2022 earn their diplomas

Los Angeles Times, June 25
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Teaching: Staying Flexible Without Becoming Overwhelmed

The Chronicle of Higher Ed, June 30
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Healthy Habits That Can Help You Live Longer—and Easy Ways to Make Them Stick

Bicycling, June 28
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As the 50th anniversary month of Title IX draws to a close, Anteater leaders weigh in on the measure’s impact

As the 50th anniversary month of Title IX draws to a close, Anteater leaders weigh in on the measure’s impact:

“In allowing women athletes to be full and equal participants in intercollegiate sports, Title IX not only transformed the college experience, but also serves as an exemplar of the federal government’s obligation to advance our society. Its success has helped lead to many other discussions about bias and inequality, increasing our collective pursuit of equal opportunity for all.”
– Chancellor Howard Gillman

"Today, Title IX keeps a spotlight on equitable treatment. The impact of Title IX is evident by the success of women in education and sport. Given the opportunities afforded by Title IX, women have clearly demonstrated interest and abilities in spaces thought once only for men."
– Paula Smith, director of Intercollegiate Athletics

“Fundamentally, Title IX demands educational institutions to be accountable for creating the conditions for women to thrive.”
– Douglas Haynes, vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion

“The UCI Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity is thrilled to share in the milestone celebration of Title IX's 50th anniversary. Each year since its passage has brought us closer to fulfilling the goal of equity for all, regardless of gender, in education. UCI is committed to the continued advancement of Title IX's principle on campus and at UCI Health.”
– Tierney Anderson, Title IX officer

“Lots of people associate Title IX with equality in collegiate sports, but it’s also about admissions, scholarships, housing and employment. It established the basic legal principle of gender equity and revolutionized education in America.”
– Judy Wu, professor of Asian American studies and author of Fierce and Fearless: Patsy Takemoto Mink, First Woman of Color in Congress

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25 new campus cases

On Wednesday, UCI recorded 25 new cases of COVID-19: 16 students and nine employees. For more information, visit the UCI COVID-19 dashboard.

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UCI provides this notification of a potential workplace COVID-19 exposure. Employees and subcontractors who were in these locations on the dates listed may have been exposed to the coronavirus. You may be entitled to various benefits under applicable federal and state laws and University-specific policies and agreements. The full notification is available on the UCI Forward site. If you have been identified as a close contact to a COVID-19 case, the UCI Contact Tracing Program will contact you and provide additional direction.

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