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Sept. 28 - Brain function discovery; reduced campus parking fees

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A floral arch frames a view of the College of Health Sciences.

A floral arch frames a view of the College of Health Sciences. Photo by Ian Parker


Gyorgy Lur, an assistant professor of neurobiology & behavior

One of the brain study’s authors is Gyorgy Lur, an assistant professor of neurobiology & behavior.

UCI study illuminates higher level brain functions

A team of UCI neuroscientists has discovered key aspects of the mechanisms behind the human brain’s ability to think, decide and remember recent events, functions which reside in the brain’s neocortex. Scientists have long known that the neocortex integrates what are called feedforward and feedback information streams. Feedforward data is relayed by the brain’s sensory systems from the periphery (our senses) to the neocortex’s higher order areas. These high-level brain regions then send feedback information to refine and adjust sensory processing. This back-and-forth communication allows the brain to pay attention, retain short-term memories and make decisions. The study’s findings, which appears in Neuron, could ultimately help improve treatments for certain neuropsychiatric disorders and brain injuries.

Reduced parking fees offered for hybrid work schedules

UCI Transportation supports the Work Reimagined initiative by offering parking fee incentives to faculty and staff with flexible work schedules. Eligible employees who commute to the UCI Main campus three or fewer days per week can reduce their parking costs through the Sustainable Transportation membership program.

Riding tall a decade after prostate surgery

In 2011, Andrew Edwards, the 60-year-old founder of the Anaheim Hills Saddle Club, was shocked when his doctor told him a routine test had detected elevated levels of prostate-specific antigen in his blood, the first hint that he might have prostate cancer. He was referred to UCI Health, which was among the first institutions to offer robot-assisted prostatectomy using the da Vinci Surgical System, with Dr. Thomas Ahlering the first to perform the procedure in Southern California.


Medicare premiums to drop slightly next year

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that 2023 Medicare Part B premiums would drop 3% — the first time in a decade that has happened. The Biden administration says the decrease is primarily due to expected savings on prescription drugs with Medicare now able to negotiate some costs and limited coverage of Aduhelm, an Alzheimer’s treatment drug.


Aida Cuevas: 45th Anniversary Yo Creo Que Es Tiempo
Friday, 8 p.m. (Irvine Barclay Theatre)

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‘Culinary medicine’ is making diet and wellness an integral part of a successful treatment plan

The Orange County Register, Sept. 27
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Ford Foundation Sunsets Diversity Fellowships

The Scientist, Sept. 27
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What Scientists Learned Amid the Fluctuating Fad in Mirror Neurons Research

BrainFacts, Sept. 26
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UCI MBA tweet

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